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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

and i choose...

i choose u, JIMMY CHOO!

haha,,let me keep the answer for myself,,
but certainly,, i chose something,,
thanks to everyone for their compliments,ideas,laughs,ramblings,mamblings and advices.. i took them all into considerations...
lately,, i'm finishing a book- He's Just Not That Into You (dibelanja oleh mak)..
it somehow make me realised something,,
then again,, let me just keep it to myself..

okeyh,, no more tapping,,
i'm turning into a new leaf,,
sort of happy with my new self,,
wish me luck, okeyh??
luv you guys,,

ms bebel-mouth said: dh anta keretalembuatukku gi kedai besi buruk~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A or B??

sometimes in this life we have to choose...
i hate it when i have to choose and i just have two options...

nak makan burger or nasik??
nak g naekk rapid ke taxi??
nak kol ke xyah kol??
nak buzz dia kt ym ke nk tggu dia tgoww??
nk g duduk digi library ke lebrary msu??
nk tdoww ke nk study??
and the list goes on and on and on....


and last night,,
i got involved in this conversation.....

prettygirl: bla3....(dia berleter apa dh..xpntg pon)..my sis going to leave me..she's going to stay in NY...she's working for UN..
all: really??
1234: what did your sis do for a living??
prettygirl: before this she's an ED (executive director)..currently she's finishing her book...
all: ohh yeahh??
prettygirl:..smiling..dia slalu dpt letter dr PM..tp my sis ckp dia taknak involved dlm politik M'sia...scary!
1234: ohh,,dulu time kt U dia amek kos ape??
pretty.girl: political science
putri:kalo amek kos2 mcm nih and dpt path yg btol,,bertimbun2 laa kta bley wt duet..duet masok cm air jaa...
all:betul2.. (dlm kpala-UM,,USM,,UKM)
1234:dulu ur sis stdy kt mane??
all: (jaw-dropped!)OMG!HARVARD??u mean HARVARD-HARVARD??
prettygirl: haha,,haah..harvard..tp b4 tu die stdy kt princeton...

after that 'jaw-dropping' conversation,, all of them keep on mamblings about prettygirl's sis...OMG!!the real Harvard...fyi,,her sister study in Harvard using JPA's scholar...

sebenarnya,,bukan nak stress psal kakak dia study kt Harvard sgt pon,,,
tp for me,, studying in Harvard is a real big thing..no doubt!
rasanya kakak dia skrg by the age 30++ she's still single...
prettygirl slalu cakap kakak dia busy...xmenyempat bnda2 mcm nih,,
tp insyaAllah next year kot,,tp x buat besar2 laa,,cukup ngn akad nikah jee...
yayahh,,i want to stress this part...
is it kalo kita kejar cita2 yg tinggi mcm ni,,
kta kna let go bnda2 remeh mcm getting married nih??
do we really have to choose between these two??
i'm talking about girls here,,
sbb yg slalu ada masalah nih kaum perempuan laa,,
kalo lelaki,,makin tinggi dia achieve makin hot-stuff lah mereka..
tapi kalo perempuan, makin tinggi achievement mereka,,
lagi anak dara tua lah mereka..betul tak??
lagipun recently,, a fren of mine adalaa bercerita kawan2 dia yg kawen awal mostly dh drop off school,and xkesahlaa sbb diorg kawen dgn dokter...
so,,latest trend is,, dokter2 lelaki kawen dgn wanita2 yg boleyy dibuat full-time housewife...
so,, now,,kalo kta decide nk terbang lg jauh,,and do things a little bit extraordinare,, do we have to let go those lovey-dovey dreams??
what i mean of 'terbang lg jauh' here is,let say if we decide to join MERCY or WHO to work in third-world country or if we wish to do our intern in Oxford,,of course there's a long hard journey awaits us...does that mean we have to prepare ourselves that we're not going to get married??
haha,, i dont know...it keeps bothering me..
I just can't figure out the answer...
dts all i think,,
ms bebel-mouth said: he loves me,,he loves me not,,better not!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

a letter to ****...

dear abe,,

it's been for awhile (long 'while') i mean since we were in touch with one another...
i just don't know what went wrong between us,, between all of us i mean...
we used to share same laughs,,same gossips,,same 'making-faces' scenes, same 'ejek-ejek'-ppl-time,,but nowadays,, it seems that they're never exist...
what's wrong...
sometimes,, all of us think that it's kinda pathetic going around tracking you,,
try to keep in touch with u,, keep asking one another where have you been,,bla3,, but perhaps it just us..not you right??
what went wrong??
before school ends,, we just don't say bye-bye in a proper way..bt does it mean,, there'll never be any proper hye-hye after that??
what is actually goes wrong??
i managed to get your phone num,, everybody did too but after gallons of text msg sent,, tons of phone calls made,, all of us end up broken-hearted...is that fair??
i just cant figure out what is this all about...
are you trying to avoid us??what's wrong..to be frank,,all of us started to feel tired though,, feel sick at the same time...

dear our beloved ex-fren,,if this is what you wished for,, then of course,, it is our great honour to grant it...till we meet again (or not!),,
lots of hugs and kisses for our memories back then,,
thank you.

Yours faithfully,

ms bebel-mouth said: blog-mail~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

dear AYU, with love....

ayu,,happy 19th bday,,
and welcome to my cycle!!
love you soooo much and thx for calling this morning,,
mish gayut-ing with u like hewl!
haha,,these are the beday wishes that i made for you (5 minutes ago, i guess~)

#hopefully,, apa2 stupid curse that fell on your head will be distinguished immediately..phuhhh! (aku dh bomohkan dh~)LOL!
#ank berjaya jumpa somebody special yang sgt sopan santun and xtarek tudong ank mcm org gila!
#ank berjaya kontek abe-yg-sgt-membencikan-dan-nk-kawen-ngn-matsalleh-itu! haha,,aku tau ank dh ondway mengekol jejaka itu...i pray for the best!
#i wish that ank always stay happy as you always are..haha,,ank la wanita yg aku knayy yg selalunya cool jaa,, jarang nak bbay2~hee
#hope the three of us can finally date sama2!! (busanlaa slalunya termiss sorg~)
#always be happy with your family~
#haha,, dpt accomplished-kan misi ank nak kawen awal dr aku ngn minah!(kalo aku abeh stdy ank dok tercari2 lg,,ttau aa nk kata pa~)hee~
#hope you found your 'kesedaran-nak-stdy-awal-before-xm' tu ASAP!!adeyyla~
#i wish that our frenship will remain young! forever~
#jangan lemas2 dh bila swimming...so that ank dpt grad dr klas swimming 4.0-ly~ jia you!

haha,, enuff already... no more ramblings..haha,, so ayu,, once again,, happy 19th beday and semoga panjang umor and murah rezki...thx for being such a sweet fren time aku menggila ka,, nangeh tersebik2 ka,,ngejek2 ank ka,, takowt ngn minah ka, bla3...

okeyh,,dts all for now,,

ms bebel-mouth said: kimi ga inakute sabishi!hee~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

aster.philic day

yayy!today got genetics and english paper,,
meaning the last papers for midsem!
it supposed to be a cheery-meery evening,,
but unfortunately,, it does not turn out that way...
first,, aton is sooo demam that she become sooooo lembik and keeps on muntah2,,
series dia dh jd sgt lembik,, and she keeps on crying and sobbing(i dunno why),,
tp at last, this night her mom come to fetch her from ipoh,, lucky aa??

then, time abeh xm td balek naek rapid sbb malas tggu uncle yg sgt lambat,,
smpyy kt dpn caltex 2,, shiela plak terduduk x mampu berjalan,,
terkejut jgk sy,,apakah?
rupa-rupanya saudari shiela jd selembik itu sbb dia derma darah! apakah??
hairan sy,,macam mana dokter bley bg mnusia SEBESAR shiela tu derma darah,,
kaloo sekecik sy nih tapalaa jgk,, tidak paham sy,,adeyy... so sy dan beberapa rakan tlg laa pimpin shiela yg lembik bak kaen burok,, but still 'ketegaq' tu smpy tgga E..ngee~

pehtu,,lps nabila smpyy kt mais,, sy, nabila dan saudari zue g laa berjalan k dpn mcD unt tahan taxi..then ada sorg aunty chinese yg bwk taxi nih stop kt dpn ktorg,,
dia mntk rm10 nk g ss17!apakah?! as usual,, sy yg ska fight ngn pakcik2 taxi psayy hrga ni ckplaa nk rm6 jee...pehtu aunty tu suruh jgk naek,, rm8 dia bg,,zue ckp tapa,, ktorg carik taxi laen,, aunty tu paksa jgk naek taxi dia (stress sggh sy~),, n final sy kta rm7,, pehtu ktorg yg maleh bertekak ni naeklaa taxi tu..series makcik tu scary!weh,,adaka patot msa dia pusing,pintu taxi terbukak!diulang,, TERBUKAK! mak ai,, naseblaa tdak moto kt blkg..kalo x,, x smpt kawengg la ai..ceytte! aunty nih bwk sgt laa laju,,tp scary gk taxi dia sbb x ikot rules.dia pon xpkayy uniform..xsuka!enough wif that scary aunty~

smpy jee kt stesenn bus,, sy pon bergegas laa g kaunter trans..tnya akak tu nk tukar tket..n to my disappointment, akak tu ckp kt stu xbley tukar tket.. sb sy maleh nk tnya byk,, sy pon ckp xpelaa n terus mengekol abah..abah kata, "tok soh laa beli teket baru,sabar laa sat"....oleh sbb sy anak yg taat,, sy pon dgrlaa ckp abah..sekali,,bla nbila g mntk tukar,, akak tu bg bley x?!geramm sy..mayb arini muka sy bkn muka rezki kot...its okay~ sy dh givup on trying to change d ticket so kami bertiga balekk k mais without me changing my ticket..kn sy anak taat??hee~

naekk je rumah,, 'aisyah biase' announce dh nk stat GC...ceytte!sy lteyy tp apa bley buat,, esk pcik mara nk mai tgk...mna la tawu kot2 ada bakal bapak/mak mentua k..kalo umh semak,, x ke naya...n lbey2 lg ni mggu xm,, ofkozlaa umh sy nih super super semak!hee,,km2 nih menvakuum la satu rumah...lteyy tau dak,,lteyh! tp tapa,,pcik mara punya psayy...kami akur~
n finally near 10pm,, umh dh sgt santekk,,karpet pon dh sgt sedap dipijakk,,kami pon sgt seronok~ (adoyaii,,ayat apakah ini??)

so konklusinya ialah,,arini sy mmg x bermuka rezki n sy x qadha lg tdow sy,,on9 smpyy skrg..hee

dts all,,

ms bebel-mouth said: im alive!